matrix-styleChange the way you read your daily news by using this very clean, very simple app to quickly read articles from any of your favorite news sources.  Now you can enjoy reading in-depth updates on all the late-breaking news headlines in mere seconds.  With this app there are no distractions while you are reading, just focus on the word in the center of the screen and relax as the news is virtually uploaded directly into your brain, maxrix-style.

The average adult reads at a rate of approximately 300 words per minute, but with this technique you will find that you can easily double or triple that speed with a little practice. You might not know it, but even if you are a slow reader and you struggle to get through a short news article, your brain has the power to make sense of the words that are sequentially flashed before your eyes.  Over time, you will be able to increase the speed of the reader and the inner voice that you hear when you read will fade away as the words on the screen start to come faster than you can say them.  Due to the unique nature of this reading technique, once you begin playback of an article it is very difficult to be distracted and soon you will be consuming all of the most important news articles in mere seconds.  Easily add your own feeds from news channels, blogs or other websites you enjoy.  Adjust the speed of the words as well as the size of the font and even adjust how many words are displayed at a time.

Utilizing this reading technique will even help you improve your normal reading capability by helping you eliminate the inner reading voice.  Use this app to continue to challenge yourself to read faster and faster and improve your reading comprehension.  You are probably realizing right about now that this method of reading is far easier than you had imagined it might be and you will soon discover that you will never want to go back to reading line by line by line, the old-fashioned way.