At Onticco we have a passion for fun and a passion for knowledge. Our goal is to make the world a better place through fun, innovative products that subtly encourage higher learning and awareness of one’s self and the world around us. Our products are designed to contribute – directly or indirectly – to the evolution of mankind, while seamlessly melding in accordance with the fundamentals of human nature.


An eternal child at heart, and a long time product design engineer, Tim Johnson founded Onticco with his wife Amanda. Tim worked with Microsoft XBox designer, Jonathan Hayes to create the first, hugely successful “Rock Band” drum kit for Harmonix Music in Cambridge, MA.  He has been involved exensively in many of the Segway products, as well as IRobot’s PackBot, and Bluefin Robotics’ line of UAVs (Underwater Autonomous Vehicles), as well as a vast array of as-yet undisclosed medical devices, including x-ray equipment, operating room tools, injection devices and inhalers.

Now, bringing their passion for toys, games and world improvement products to the table, Onticco strives to contribute to the worlds leading “outside-the-box” product concepts.