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  • cup_lid

    Suction Coffee and Tea Cup Lid

    Set of four silicone suction cup lids that are compatible with many types of containers. Use as a coffee mug cover, tea cup lid, cat food jar cover, glass jar lid, canning jar cover, replacement tupperware cover or various other…
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  • sili-dripper collapsible coffee drip brewer for camping hiking gourmet coffee

    Silicone Collapsible Single Cup Coffee Maker – Cone Filter Holder & Drip Brewer for Camping, Hiking, Backpacking and Outdoor Use

    Compact, durable, easy-to-clean silicone pour-over coffee drip brewer holds your paper cone filter and delivers a delicious, home-brewed cup of coffee, on the go. Simply fill the Sili-Dripper with your favorite coffee grinds using a #2 paper coffee filter, place…
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  • matrix-style

    Feed Speeder – Speed Reading App

    Speed read your daily news faster than ever. Pick your reading speed and watch the words flash on the screen.  Seemingly upload your news feeds directly into your brain… “Matrix-style”. This method of reading will help you silence your “inner…
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  • Nozzle_simple

    Eepybird Nozzle

    Onticco worked with Eepybird to design this simple, cost effective injection molded nozzle for creating the famed “Diet Coke and Mentos Fountain”.  Simply fill it up with a stack of mentos, insert paper clip to hold  the Mentos, screw it…
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  • DaltaBand

    Dalta Band

    Live in the present moment forever. Be more aware of the present moment Change ANY habit, and sustain a change Escape the chaos of your over active thoughts and fears Take time for yourself within the craziness of your day…
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  • Dex and Delia

    4.99 Dex & Delia bring their personalities to the centuries old cup and ball game.  Wooden peices give the product a great traditional feel, and the most satisfying “clop” sound when successfully executed.  In true Onticco fashion, this product encourages…
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  • Kokku Sudoku

    You’ve mastered Sudoku, but can you handle this?? Kokku means “Hard Work” in Japanese. Completely above and beyond the familiar Sudoku puzzle, this is an extreme challenge for only the Sudoku fanatic. Kokku Sudoku presents a challenge unlike any other…
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  • Base-ket-ball wooden game

    Bunt Bucket

    Kids and adults alike can not keep their hands off of this! One look at this toy and you can’t resist hitting the little baseball. The delicate touch that this game requires encourages an almost Zen-like state of mind. The…
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  • Leafy_Photo

    Leafy Bugaboo

    Puzzled by Nature. This bugger will “leave” a lasting impression on those confident enough to pick it up.  Just remove the string.  Look easy at first?  Think again.  A great puzzle project for all ages. Target Audience: Children ages 9…
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  • Orbit: 3D Tic Tac Toe

    Orbit: 3D Tic Tac Toe

    A game of magnetic 3-D strategy. As an elegant 3-dimensional strategy game, its tabletop beauty is rivaled only by the intricacies of its game play.  Players witness quality steel playing peices hovering above the table in this battle of spatial…
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