Base-ket-ball wooden gameKids and adults alike can not keep their hands off of this! One look at this toy and you can’t resist hitting the little baseball. The delicate touch that this game requires encourages an almost Zen-like state of mind. The tactile feedback given by the components is addicting, and the level of difficulty is challenging for both children and adults.

Target Audience:

  • Tested on, enjoyed by and purchased by adults and children ages 5+
  • This toy is a quirky challenge game that would be enjoyed on a coffee table in the family environment.
  • This could be enjoyed on a desk for professionals to use to de-stress or refocus.
  • One player game
  • Great for the lull in the conversation
  • Provides a new and unique gift for many demographics.

Product Categories:

  • Gifts / Novelties
  • Desktop / Office supplies
  • Sports games

Benefits to user:

  • Light entertainment
  • Personal challenge
  • Tool for relaxing or regaining focus

Licensing Information:

Onticco is currently seeking a license agreement for “Bunt Bucket” (or otherwise agreeable product name). A prototype of this game, instructions, 3-D CAD models, production detail drawings, cost of goods, and other information are all available for evaluation to potential licensors. Please contact us for more information.

Estimated price point: