You’ve mastered Sudoku, but can you handle this??

Kokku means “Hard Work” in Japanese.

Completely above and beyond the familiar Sudoku puzzle, this is an extreme challenge for only the Sudoku fanatic. Kokku Sudoku presents a challenge unlike any other Sudoku challenge currently available.  This wooden puzzle will keep you scratching your head for weeks.

Target Audience:

  • Sudoku fanatics
  • Upscale puzzle game enthusiasts
  • Working class number people

Product Categories

  • Puzzle
  • Number game
  • Office/desktop products
  • Gifts/Novelties
  • Educational games

Benefits to Users:

  • Complimentary to any Sudoku hobbyist
  • Mental stimulation through numberology, and reading randomly oriented numbers.

Licensing Information:

Onticco is currently seeking a license agreement for “Kokku Sudoku”. A prototype of this game, instructions, and other information are all available for evaluation to potential licensors. Please contact us for more information.